School's Overview

Founding in February 2001, our school is the newest primary school of The Salvation Army Hong Kong and Macau Territory. The Salvation Army is an international Christian church and charity with over a hundred years of history, committed to evangelism and promoting social services and at the same time, developing educational services.

Our school mission is “Our School community, in sharing the love and truth of Jesus Christ, will grow in knowledge, maturity and care for others, especially those with greatest needs.” We hope to provide our students with an ideal environment to attain a balanced development in the domains of ethics, intellect, physique, social skills, aesthetics and spiritual education.


Our school emphasizes on nurturing the academic, physical and aesthetic development of students, inspiring their potential creativity and encouraging them to strive for lifelong learning. Besides, we also collaborate with community organizations to develop students as a responsible and good citizen, caring and serving the community.