Our Motto, Vision and Mission

School's Motto

誠 信 愛 勤

Dignity Faith Love Diligence

The vision for the School
Our School community, in sharing the love and truth of Jesus Christ, will grow in knowledge, maturity and care for others, especially those with greatest needs.

Our Mission

  1. Provide an example of Christian values, helping students to develop in character and make meaningful life-long decisions.
  2. Assist all students to discover their potential by providing holistic education, which includes academic learning along with emotional, social, spiritual and physical development.
  3. Provide a positive, cooperative environment that fosters self-discipline, enthusiasm for learning and growing independence.
  4. Give particular attention to those with special needs.
  5. Support and encourage staff members to become leaders in provision of quality education, through continuing personal and professional development.
  6. Involve parents as partners in the education process, and provide support and training for the parenting process.