As the Chinese proverb goes, “To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world’, our school places great value on students’ second language acquisition-English, to equip our students with necessary language skills to flourish in the multilingual world. 

The development of our students’ English learning interest and proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing is the major concern of our school English Department. By refining our school-based English Language Curriculum and offering adequate and meaningful learning opportunities and experience for purposeful, integrative and creative use of the language to our students, students’ lifelong and self-directed English learning capabilities have been enhanced in a satisfactory circumstance.

From the school year of 2022-2023, our English curriculum has been developed and refined in both Key Stage One and Two. For Key Stage One, we have combined the SPACE TOWN Literacy Programme offered by EDB (NET Section) with the OXFORD READY Textbook approach and integrated both of them into our school-based curriculum. Students in Key Stage One immerse in both LET (Local English Teacher) and NET (Native-speaking English Teacher) English lessons weekly. Students then have more opportunities to obtain the learning inputs such as target vocabulary, grammar structures and different kinds of genres taught by their local teachers in an immersive way and they become more capable to apply the learnt knowledge into the phonology, shared reading, guided reading, process writing sessions co-taught by LETs, NET and a classroom assistant (CA). On the other hand, LETs have more opportunities to make up for the teaching deficiencies existing in NET lessons and consolidate students’ learning weaknesses by reviewing their assignment and consulting their learning progress with quality feedback during the LET lessons.

For Key Stage Two, the implementation of the refined OXFORD READY Textbook approach, the Keys 2 Literacy Programme and NET lesson programme has been activated in P.4-6. The listening, speaking, reading and writing skills are able to be progressively improved and enhanced throughout the whole Key Stage Two. These programmes incorporate a variety of learning and teaching strategies to enrich the learning experience of students based on our school-based English curriculum. Likewise the teaching strategies applied in Key Stage One, the learning in target vocabulary, grammar structures and different kinds of genres taught by their local teachers of the students in Key Stage Two is able to be intensively strengthened.

In addition, the implementation of the systematic and integrated lesson framework, the promotion of blending learning, the refinement of the assignments for catering for the learning diversities among students and a series of ameliorated assessment practices in both Key Stage One and Two are able to fully support the promotion and cultivation of students’ English learning interest and capacities, self-directed skills, and their application of integration, innovation and generic skills.

Furthermore, different kinds of wide-ranging English activities, after-school activities and ECA have been operated in order to arouse students’ interest in English learning and consolidate their knowledge. Activities, Teams and Classes like English Game Day, English Speaking Day, English Assembly, Lunch Break Activities, English Calligraphy and Writing Competitions, English Ambassadors Team, English Drama Team, Solo-verse and Choral Speaking Team, English Elite Classes, Cambridge English Classes, Saturday Interest Classes, Remedial Classes, P.6 Interview skills training classes offered by NETs, and External Public Examination arrangement etc are all being promoted and operated so as to not only equip their wide-life English learning, but also to strengthen their sense of positive thinking and healthy values in their primary school life.

Welcome to our LBC English Wonderland!